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Our business structure and controls are essential to ensure we operate efficiently and focus on the priorities of our key stakeholders.

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Diagram showing how a risk based approach provides a foundation for our steering groups and executive structure.

Executive structure

Our business structure within Kaplan UK is supported by both our parent company Kaplan Inc and its owner Graham Holdings as well as external expertise from our advisory boards.

Graham Holdings is a listed company in the US. Kaplan Inc is its largest subsidiary which includes Kaplan UK. Kaplan Inc provides support and governance over significant decisions such as major investments.

Our Executive Leadership team is responsible for:

  • Establishing our vision and purpose
  • Designing and driving our strategy
  • Collaborating with the External Assurance Board (EAB) and Kaplan Apprenticeship Advisory Panel (KAAP) to stay close to the needs of our clients and learners

External Assurance Board (EAB)

For apprenticeships, we have an independent EAB to provide oversight, knowledge, and strategic challenge to our programmes.

The EAB is comprised of leading experts from the Further Education and Careers Sector, including: 

  • The Chair of a peer provider and former director of the skills funding agency
  • The Chair of Youth Employment UK and former CEO of the Association of Employers and Learning Providers, and former CEO of an independent training provider
  • The Chief Operating Officer of a large peer provider
  • The former CEO of Kaplan’s apprenticeships

The EAB meets at least ten times a year and receives detailed reports from Kaplan’s Apprenticeship Leadership Team.

Kaplan Apprenticeship Advisory Panel

Our Kaplan Apprenticeship Advisory Panel (KAAP), represented by current and former Kaplan apprentices, meets quarterly to continually evaluate and help improve our Apprenticeship programmes. The KAAP members are from a range of apprenticeship standards and employers.

Steering groups

We have a number of steering groups focussing on key areas who make decisions and where appropriate escalate to the executive team and/or advisory boards.

  • IT steering group This group meets quarterly to ensure we are investing and working on the business priorities and adjust for these priorities as they change.
  • Quality improvement committee This committee meets monthly to review our overall learner delivery, with particular focus on apprenticeship programmes. Its aim is to ensure we are continually improving the experience for our learners. The regular agenda includes items such as safeguarding and Prevent, curriculum, programme delivery, and compliance.
  • GDPR steering group This group, chaired by CEO Kathy Walton, is supported by Kaplan’s IT security and compliance team, ensuring that we’re compliant with the latest data protection regulations.
  • EDI steering groups We have diversity steering groups in place for our learners and our employees ensuring we are listening to and representing the needs of everyone we work with.

Risk based approach

We operate risk logs, which are reviewed monthly, at both strategic and operational levels, with oversight and support from Kaplan Inc. This ensures a consistently high standard of delivery at all times.

Our other areas of governance