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Is AAT worth it?

We offer many reasons why studying AAT is certainly worth it.


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Where is AAT recognised?

AAT is one of the most popular accounting qualifications, but did you know that it’s also recognised around the world?


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My advice for AAT Distance Learning? Get a dog!

Julie Dove is currently studying AAT Level 3 as a Kaplan Distance Learning Student. Despite suffering with Cystic Fibrosis her whole life, Julie has worked in finance for some 15 years and currently works as Head of Finance & Administration...


Kaplan AQ2016 Syllabus

What is an AAT synoptic assessment?

Under AQ2016 you need to complete a new synoptic assessment before moving on to your next level. A synoptic assessment tests the knowledge you have gained throughout the level...


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At which level should I start studying AAT?

You don’t need any previous qualifications or accountancy experience to begin studying AAT. And anyone, from school leavers to career changers, can start the qualification.