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Why learning facts is still important

Find out why learning facts is still important in this internet age.

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Rebecca Evans & Stuart Pedley-Smith

Meet our Kaplan tutors

At Kaplan, we pride ourselves on having some of the best tutors in the industry. We know tutors play a vital role in improving your learning experience - whether that’s teaching in the classroom, teaching in-front of a camera, or being avai...


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24 - hours before the exam

Jack Bauer often only had 24 hours to save Los Angeles from a major terrorist attack. What he managed to achieve in such a short period of time was impressive, and although he suffered pain and personal injury he maximised the time he had, ...

Stuart Pedley-Smith ·

Sign post with many different directions

At which level should I start studying AAT?

You don’t need any previous qualifications or accountancy experience to begin studying AAT. And anyone, from school leavers to career changers, can start the qualification.


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6 tips on how to be more effective after a long study break

It’s quite common to take a well earned (and sometimes long) break from your studies. But it can mean your well rehearsed techniques – and the topics you once knew inside out – become a distant memory. Take a look at these top tips from Kapla…


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PBIT and EBITDA: Understanding the basics

The language of finance can be intimidating to non-finance people and yet it is imperative to understand the basics if you want to communicate with authority within the business world. Acronyms abound but understanding what they mean and cr…


2020 SPS Learn Better Learn By Teaching

Learn better, by teaching

Understanding how the brain works can help you improve your grades in any exam. There’s a clear advantage to knowing why something works, and why you’re learning.


Stuart Pedley Smith - Kaplan's Head of Learning

How to make boring subjects, interesting

When we think something’s ‘boring’ we struggle to engage with it. With accountancy, as with any study subject, some areas are perceived as more ‘interesting’ than others. But what if we could blur the lines between boring and interesting?

Stuart Pedley-Smith ·

Stuart Pedley Smith - Kaplan Head of Learning

Exam resits - get back on that horse

Failing exams is a fact of life. In the exam world, we follow failure with a resit. But what should happen between failure and sitting the new exam? How can we best study for an exam we’ve already sat?

Stuart Pedley-Smith ·