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How artificial intelligence can help you learn

We’ve all heard about artificial intelligence (AI) by now. But how can it help us to learn better? Read on to find our study tips using AI.

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a tomato-shaped timer which inspired the name for the Pomodoro Technique.

Study techniques that will help you pass

Whether you’re coming back from a break from studying, advancing your career prospects, or kickstarting your accounting journey after full-time education, you should benefit from these study techniques and tips.


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How to pass CIMA P3

The CIMA P3 is a tricky paper but it is doable. One of Kaplan’s expert Academic Support tutors, Peter Nunn, has provided some tips.


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Revision tips from expert tutors

If you’re studying online or revising for your exam, the Academic Support team have shared their revision tips and advice to help you prepare for the big exam day.