EU passport

The immigration impact of Brexit - has Britain lost its lustre?

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It cannot be denied that immigration, with all of its real and imagined consequences, was for many people a key element in EU Referendum. So how has the decision to leave been received by migrants who currently live in Britain? One must b...
How to become a Tax Technician

Your guide to starting out in Tax

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A Tax Technician works with individuals or businesses to help them prepare their tax returns. They will often look for the most tax efficient methods of paying any tax owed, whilst keeping to strict legal and ethical rules. When working wit...

Your guide to starting out in Management Accounting

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A Management Accountant will usually work in the Finance department of a single company. Roles are often varied and could involve: setting and monitoring monthly budgets for other departments supporting new product launches, including setting...

Your guide to starting out in Auditing

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Auditors are responsible for scrutinising the accounts, processes and procedures of a business. They spend their working hours poring over financial statements, inspecting accounts and making sure the business is following the correct accou...