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Financial awareness in new hires

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How ‘business ready’ are your new hires? If the personal finances of my sons are anything to go by I’d certainly worry about letting them loose with a corporate credit card, and I suspect they may not be an exception to the norm. Despite…
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2016 exam results – Kaplan students, winning more prizes

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The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect on achievements from the past twelve months. Therefore, it seems appropriate that we should acknowledge the success of our prize winning students from 2016. Last year we had 15 studen…
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The Apprenticeship levy - a new managed approach to training

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The forthcoming changes to Apprenticeship funding means that large employers will soon have a new, ring fenced L&D budget; drawn down from the Apprenticeship levy. The Apprenticeship reforms have brought the previously distinct worlds of ‘co...

ACCA Exam Evaluations September/December 2016

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Kaplan’s team of ACCA content specialists have cast their expert eyes over a selection of the papers we’ve received from ACCA from the September and December 2016 exams, and have given their views on the questions from those exams. If you’re about…

Apprenticeships are changing - are you ready?

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The final guidance on the Apprenticeship levy and funding reforms were announced at the end of last year, meaning the levy is on course to be introduced in April. Whether you are a levy payer or not, the new rules, coupled with the introduce…