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How to stay motivated during the ACCA qualification

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Kaplan recently caught up with one of our ACCA students, Craig Coda - a part qualified accountant with two papers left to complete. Now it's coming to a close, Craig looks back at his ACCA journey; the missed opportunities and what he has l...
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5 Reasons Not to Fear 360 Assessments

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Thirty-four percent of Millennials have cried after a performance review, 47 percent have looked for another job, and 30 percent say they’ve quit outright. Despite this, many of the leaders and managers I have worked with are downright terri...

Modern Accountancy Training: Technology & the Science of Learning

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It’s hard to imagine, but back at the turn of the century, many financial institutions were gripped by the fear that as the clock struck midnight, the so-called ”millennium bug” would reap its toll. It was predicted to affect not only finan...

The Growth and Consolidation of Accountancy Training

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The period from the 1970’s to the turn of the millennium was pivotal when looking at the development of accountancy training in the UK. Training became more accessible, and the development of the industry, as we know it today, really began...