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Kaplan Heritage: An Interview With Current Student, Vivi Sargioti

Vivi Sargioti, Kaplan student

There is no better way to understand an industry, or a company, than through the individuals that represent it.

As part of our Kaplan Heritage celebration, we interviewed a selection of people who have been part of our story over the years: tutors, apprentices, current students, and those who are part of our Accountancy Training alumni.

We asked them about their personal experiences with Kaplan, some of which relate to memories dating as far back as 30 years ago.

Here we speak to current CIMA student, Vivi Sargioti, who is sharing her ambition and enthusiasm with us.

Can you give a brief introduction to yourself and the qualification you are studying at Kaplan?

I am currently studying CIMA, the P3 exams - it’s a case study. I’ve studied business administration before; I have an MBA degree. When I started working in Finance,  I soon realised I was mainly interested in the commercial and managerial aspect of it, rather than  the pure accounting side. In light of this, CIMA was the right choice for me because it matched my professional ambitions.

How did you first hear about Kaplan?

One of my colleagues was studying CIMA with Kaplan. She was very positive about her learning experience and recommended Kaplan to me. I must say, it’s lived up to that very much.

How do you study and what have you most enjoyed about your course?

I study via Live Online and occasionally I go to the Bristol centre for my exams. This study method really suits my lifestyle and work schedule: I like to study from home and make my own arrangements rather than having to commute all the time. The online lectures are good because they’re recorded, so I can listen back to them.  I have particularly enjoyed the level 9 module. The online tutors are very knowledgeable. I also like the fact that Kaplan are always improving the courses and the services they provide to students. The online resources are very useful, particularly the mock exams and forums.

What has been the biggest challenge whilst studying?

My very first exam, which was a management case study. It was a bit of a challenge. I benefited from a certain number of exemptions because of my MBA, but this meant that I had to start straight away with a case study at managerial level. It was a bit daunting; I hadn’t studied for some time and wasn’t too confident but my tutor at the time was really helpful and built up my confidence. In the end, I did extremely well in that exam and won an award.

Have your tutors inspired you to succeed in your studies?

In my very first case study my tutor was very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the whole process. She gave me some great advice that was much needed. All of the tutors I have had so far have been incredibly helpful.

What is your favourite memory of studying at Kaplan?

I once met with the President of CIMA because of my good results from the case study. That was definitely one of the highlights of my journey so far.

Do you have any plans for the next stage of your career?

I am already working in Accountancy and Finance but this qualification will allow me to get into a more commercially focussed role, hopefully a Management Accountant role.